Two new interviews

Recently, I’ve been interviewed by two media sources.


* Listen to a recent interview of me by (right-click to download to your computer).

* Also on Money For Lunch. Forward to the 16:00 mark. It goes for about 15 minutes.

I’ve got several more lined up in the next few weeks and will post the times/dates and/or the recordings.

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  1. Jeff:

    Congrats on the interviews I’ll be sure to listen to them today

  2. Christian:

    Loved the interview. Should do more…

  3. Brenda:

    I listened to the Money for Lunch interview and it was excellent. The makeover session and getting a date outfit or two is really key. And what’s this about older men (50s and up) with the potbellies wanting and thinking they can get younger babes? I saw a bit of that in my dating too…….let’s be realistic folks!

  4. Dating Goddess:

    Thanks for listening and for your kind comments.

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