Too much information?

by Dating Goddess on October 8, 2013

As a generality, men tend to keep relationship details to themselves. Their friends and family may have to probe and prod to even discover they have started dating someone. Guys keep that info to themselves. Only under rare circumstances would they share intimate details with their buddies.

Women, however, tend to be the opposite. It’s common for a woman to tell her gal pals all about the man she’s dating, even sometimes before the woman has even met him in person (if connected online). Once she’s gone out with him, it’s not uncommon for a woman to share all about him, where they went, what they did, what he said, what she found appealing or not so much. If they have a fight, her inner circle is the first to hear. If he makes her happy, same thing.

So women’s friends know a lot about a guy before they’ve even met him. They probably have formed an opinion about him and have decided if they like him or not. They may have decided if he’s good enough for their pal — or not.

And these friends may know personal information about him that he’d be embarrassed to realize they know. For example, a pal was sharing with another gal pal about her first intimate encounter with her new guy. Many intricate and private details were disclosed. Even the size of his condom. The listening pal said, “I hope I never meet him as I now can’t get out of my head what size he wears.”

“A tad too much over sharing,” she thought.

We need to think through how much we’re sharing about the man we’re dating and what affect that may have with our friends’ attitudes toward him. We want our friends to like him and he them. We need to have better filters about what is too personal to share. I’m sure you wouldn’t like thinking your guy shared your sexual preferences or  proclivities. You’d be embarrassed when around his pals if you knew he’d shared this with them. We need to have the same sensitivity about what we share with our friends.

Have you ever felt you shared too much with your friends? Or have you learned that your guy shared with his friends details of your intimate time? What did you do?


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