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by Dating Goddess on October 19, 2007

A gal pal new to online dating asked me:

scantily clothed man“What does it mean when a man offers to send you scantily clad pictures, and you haven’t even talked to him on the phone yet, let alone met?”


“Say more.”

“When people want to exchange nearly nude — or even nude — pictures, I’ve found it means they are looking for sex, not a relationship. It’s common among that crowd to exchange nude pictures — sometimes just shots of key parts! Since they are only looking for intimate encounters, it really doesn’t matter what the rest of you looks like. They just want to make sure the equipment is to their liking.”


“Yep. One friend showed me a site where people post nude pics with their face cropped off.”


“Where did you meet this guy?”

Yahoo Personals.”

“This is a bit unusual for a YP contact, but not unexpected. There are other sites that cater to sexual hookups.”

“This guy also asked if I had ‘additional pics’ to share, even though I have 8 posted on the site.”

“He was wanting nude shots, and wanted to see if you’d know what he was talking about.”

“So should I continue to communicate with this guy?”

“Only if you are looking for a sex-only encounter. By the way, I’ve also had men ask me my bra size in the second email, and one sent me a list of questions he wanted me to answer, including intimate details. So these guys let their intentions be known early on, even if they aren’t explicit in their profile saying they want a sex-only encounter.”

Have you experienced inquiries from men who got too intimate too soon? How did you deal with them?

BTW, that is a pic of Bernie Barker, who Guinness dubbed the oldest male stripper before he passed away last March at age 66.

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