Cold feet

March 7, 2012

After swimming in the dating pool for a while, you begin to wonder why some people even say they are “swimming” too. They behave in ways that show they are still on the pond banks, even though they’re acting like they are in the pool. What do these behaviors look like?

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Such a deal!

March 1, 2012

I sent this picture and to a mattress-salesman friend — who’s also a single hunk. I suggested this offer might help him sell more beds. But aside from my smart alecness, it made me wonder if men saw this exchange similar to dinner and a dalliance. If the man buys the goods (lunch), he then […]

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False start

February 17, 2012

When dating, it’s common to get one’s hopes up at the beginnings of a new connection. If things go right at the start, we’re encouraged that the relationship will blossom. But what if there are hiccups near the beginning? Giving grace is admirable. However, what if there are too many to continue with that forgiving […]

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Valentine’s Day — celebration or curse?

February 13, 2012

It’s upon us again. Every year in the gloom of winter we fight the unwelcome bulges resulting from over-indulging in holiday treats. We trudge through rain, sleet and/or snow to our commitments, praying Spring will come early as relief. Just as the world could not seem harder or bleaker, it sneaks up on us and […]

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Love vs. respect

February 6, 2012

Long-time reader Richard sent me an email posing some interesting issues about how men and women see and need love and respect differently. Here’s part of our exchange.

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Is “I’m sorry” a good thing or a bad one?

February 1, 2012

I strongly believe if you know you’ve done something to cause another inconvenience or pain, you should acknowledge that with an apology. What if there are too many apologies from someone you’re going out with? Or too few?

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Tips for delicious dating after 40

January 29, 2012

(Readers: Ghirardelli asked me to write about my take on delicious dating and integrate a few of their products — which I do love. But full disclosure — they did send me samples. I thought you’d like this.) The prospect of dating after 40 can strike horror in the hearts of many women. Even though […]

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Alpha male — or just jerk?

January 22, 2012

Is seems universal that people find confidence attractive. But at what point does self-assurance cross the line to arrogance and thus become unattractive? This week I was contacted by a self-described alpha male. These men are typically proud to be dominant, “my way or the highway” kind of guys. They consider compromise wimpy. They often […]

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Being Kermit

January 17, 2012

For decades men have been disparagingly referred to as frogs. The opposite of a prince. But what if you are being frog-like? Not in behavior, but in voice.

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Are you like a Tootsie-pop?

January 9, 2012

“A Tootsie-pop? Really?” you say. You know, the kids’ treat. “How can I, an accomplished, midlife woman, be like a Tootsie-pop?” you ask. Good question. Let me explain.

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