How needy are you?

by Dating Goddess on July 18, 2014

You may have heard there’s a new smartphone app named “Yo.”

It allows the sender to send a message: Yo.

And the responder can respond with “Yo.”

That’s it. That’s all it does.

Wonder why you’d want such an app?

It was designed because the developer’s girlfriend complained that he didn’t text her enough. Because when he texted her, she knew he was thinking about her. But although he thought about her throughout the day, he didn’t have anything to say. So he created the Yo app to tell her he was thinking about her.

Are you that needy?

We all like to know someone is thinking about us. But to complain that someone wasn’t letting us know when they were thinking about us seems a bit self-absorbed.

I’m not sure I’d be exited to get a “Yo” text. Yes, it does show the guy is thinking of me, but I’d rather get an “I’m thinking of you” text or something a bit more meaningful.

Maybe I should develop an “I’m thinking of you” app! In fact, I was talking about this with a married friend and he said it would be great to have a drop down of pre-programed and customizable messages you could send the object of your affection.

“I’m missing you.”
“Can’t wait to see you.”
“I’m picturing your smile.”
“I just saw something that made me smile because it reminded me of you.”

The only problem is the recipient would soon catch on that these were pre-programmed and they wouldn’t feel so special.

What do you think of the Yo app concept? Would you like receiving a “yo”? Do you envision yourself sending one?

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