Dating resolutions for 2012

by Dating Goddess on January 1, 2012

Resolutions are not just declarations of what you wish you could accomplish. They are firm decisions, according to the dictionary. So as we enter 2012, what commitments, pledges and promises do you make to yourself about your dating activities?

Here are mine to get you started:

* Keep hope alive. It’s easy to get disappointed and depressed when you think you’ve found your special someone, then to have it fall apart. Or to find the singles interested in you aren’t the least bit interesting to you, and those you find intriguing don’t feel similarly.

* Be flexible. Knowing which characteristics (e.g., values) aren’t negotiable and which ones are (e.g., profession, income).

* Find a balance between continuing the quest and knowing when to give it a short rest. It’s important to not give up on finding love, but also knowing when you’re getting discouraged to taking a break.

* Continue to work on being the best me and being attractive to the type of men I want to attract. For me, that means reinvigorating my resolve to eat healthily and exercise more frequently.

* Look for the sparks of goodness in your date. Some people make that difficult, but take on the task as a game! It doesn’t mean you have to have a second date, but practice giving the other a bit of grace for the moment, unless the comment or behavior is egregious.

* Keep a sense of humor — even when you’re rejected. It’s easy to take rejection personally, but instead adopt a “oh well” attitude and move on. Resist the temptation to label him “loser” — instead chock it up to “we’re not a match.”

Share with us your dating resolutions for 2012.


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