Moving On Gracefully

Survive a breakup -- whether you initiated it or not -- with as little angst as possible

"Breaking up" sounds so high school, doesn't it? But part of the dating process is saying something when one of you decides not to date the other anymore. Going "poof" is not a mature or respectful option in midlife.

But, as the song says, breaking up is hard to do - at least hard to do right! "Right" means sensitively, respectfully, without drama and blame, consciously working to leave the other person's ego and dignity in tact, even if he did something disrespectful. Whether you are the initiator or the recipient, you owe it to yourself - not just to him - to move on with grace.

Moving On Gracefully: Break Up Without Heartache focuses on surviving a breakup, whether you initiate it or not. Either way, it's never easy to break up if you have developed any fondness toward the other. The book covers relevant aspects of moving on, whether it's after one email, phone call, or coffee date, or after an extended dating relationship.

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