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New tool for introducing yourself to potential sweeties

A midlife dating challenge is knowing who is unattached and might be interested in getting to know you. Even when you encounter nice, age-appropriate men, how to you ascertain if they are unattached and interested in connecting? And then how do you seize the day and initiate an invitation -- in a classy, low-risk way?

See if any of these scenarios have elements of familiarity:

These are conundrums that midlife women (and even men) face, especially if they aren't comfortable saying, "Hey, if you're single, want to have a cuppa joe together?"

We've now invented a solution for you -- in fact, one that works for both genders! What is it?

A Flirt-O-Gram(TM)!

"What's that?" you ask.

It's a pre-printed business-card sized note with a polite and gracious introduction on the front, including a coffee invitation. On the back you fill in your first name, cell phone number and personal email address. There's also room for the other person to write in their info if they'd prefer you call to set up the coffee.


You think, "I'd never use this. It's too awkward." It's a heck of a lot less awkward than asking if someone is unattached before inviting him/her to coffee. Or inviting him to meet you for coffee, you get your hopes up, then discover he's attached. You've gained a new pal perhaps, but that isn't what you'd hoped for.

And it's much better than allowing these chance encounters to vanish. Part of being successful in dating (and in life) is to stretch your comfort zone and take some risks. Carpe diem! This is a pretty low-level risk.

What do you have to lose? Nothing. The Flirt-O-Gram explains that if the person is uninterested or attached, then they should just know they have another admirer. How could anyone be upset at that? They'd smile all day!

Maybe you're thinking, "This guy could be married. Or a player. Or an ax-murderer. Or...." Yes, and so could the guy you meet in the bar, in the gym, on the dating site, at the single's dance, etc. You should move slowly no matter where you meet someone and not give out your home address or information about yourself until you know him better.

The Flirt-O-Gram makes it so much easier to meet people. It takes the awkwardness out of introducing yourself and asking if they're unattached. You can even send the Flirt-O-Gram to the object of your desire through the waiter, barista or cashier! Best to stay within sight though, as the recipient will want to look you over before deciding to meet for coffee.

Why not carry a few in your wallet just in case? You never know when a chance encounter might yield the love of your life. They cost less than a pack of gum. One friend said he could have given out five in one day last week!

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